Monstah Glass Crew

Josh Friedman
Josh Friedman, Co-Owner, has been building surfboards for almost 20 years.
Specializes in sanding & polishing.

Larry Yepes
Larry Yepes, Co-Owner, has been building surfboards for over 20 years.
Specializes in glassing.

Juniel Calzo
Juniel Calzo, Building boards for almost 15 years.
Specializes in Hotcoating

Steve Matthews
Steve Matthews, Building boards for over 12 years.
Specializes in Laminating.

Makani McDonald
Makani McDonald, shaping for over 10 years.

Gavin Hasegawa
Gavin Hasegawa has been airbrushing boards for over 30 years. He spent 25 years at Town & Country airbrushing boards for some of the top pros like Martin Potter, Johnny Boy Gomes, Matt Archbold, Andy Irons, and countless other pros. Gavin has seen and done it all. Were blessed to have Gavin on the team.