Design Innovation

Experimentation and creativity in surfboard design have been the cornerstone of our boards. Monstah! surfboard shaper/designer Makani has been lucky enough to make boards for a wide range of Hawaii’s best surfers from Kai Salas, Makua Rothman, Sion Milosky to Zeke Lau, Tanner Hendrickson and Nage Melamed to name a few. He is constantly experimenting with his own equipment as well as his tapping his son Kristian and Monstah! team riders for test pilot feedback. His partnership with Monstah Glass Hawaii has given him the ability to further tap this creativity. Makani has worked with, and shaped for some great Hawaii shapers to include Jeff Bushman, Carl Schaper and others. He has had the privilege of working with and for Glenn Pang for several years now and has become his trusted ghost shaper.