Makani – Shaper/Designer

Makani Mcdonald is the shaper/designer for Monstah Glass Hawaii’s MONSTAH! label. When presented with the idea of starting a new surfboard label in a new factory and fresh ideas with the owners/partners of Monstah Glass Hawaii, Makani had no hesitation about partnering up with one of the best glassing/sanding teams in the islands. He and Monstah Glass Hawaii share the same vision of building the best performance surfboards with the latest materials and technology. Makani can shape for every level of surfer from beginner boards, Retro cruisers, high performance longboards and shortboards, fishes and even SUP’s.

Makani shapes boards for some of Hawaii’s best up and coming groms, local standouts and regular everyday surfers. Having surfed all over the world, he understands what works best in a multitude of conditions. If its ten foot heaving bombs or waist to chest high beach break Makani will design you what you need to get the most enjoyment and surf your best.

Growing up on Kauai riding some of the best waves in the world, Makani honed his surfing earning him a few state and other prestigious surfing titles in both longboarding and shortboarding. Makani’s free surfing skills, and competitive knowledge/experience as both a competitor and professional surfing judge put him at the apex of what most surfers expect in high performance surfboards. Surfboard building is literally in his blood, his “pops” is shaping legend and prestigious Hall of  Fame boardbuilder Kenny Tilton who has over 55 years of board building experience.

We at Monstah Glass Hawaii believe the best boards are being built and designed in Hawaii by surfer shapers who test their designs in some of the most challenging waves on the planet. Makani is one of these shapers, who is pushing his designs; constantly refining and evolving his boards to get the highest performance possible for all skill levels.